Soaked in Java at night too.

Which hotel do you choose? That is very serious matter for your body and wallet, right?
Java gives you a plenty of selection.
From budget guesthouse to top luxury resort.
From heartwarming homestay to modern and stylish hotel.

This is Javanava Travelcafe's top recommended hotel selection.
We selected the places where are full of Javanese taste.

【 Borobudur 】 Rumah Dharma

Rumah Dharma has just only 4 Joglo as guest’s rooms. *Joglo is Javanese traditional house.
Located in rice fields, silence surrounds you especially at night.
Only 10 minutes walking to Borobudur Temple.
You can be yourself here as the name shows. ("Rumah" means "Home")

【 Yogyakarta 】 Umah D' Kali Villa

Umah D' Kali Villa is in ceramic village.
It has so beautiful big Joglo as main house and vivid colored swimming pool.
There are only 2 villas and 1 room. All rooms are designed with arts and full of fresh colors.
Fusion of Java tradition and arts, This is Umah D' Kali Villa.

【 Borobudur 】 Amata Borobudur Resort

This resort opened in 2014, a new face in Borobudur.
It has 6 Java-tasted cottages with comfortable modern bathroom and a swimming pool.
Especially at night, with lights and stars, the resort shows most beautiful face.
Its restaurant have been got good reputation, breakfast would be one of your pleasure.

【 Borobudur 】 Manohara Hotel

Probably, all of travelers in Borobudur think first to stay in this hotel.
Almost every night, 35 rooms are fully booked.
Sunrise tour departs from this hotel.
You can enjoy meals and view of Borobudur Temple at restaurant.

【 Yogyakarta 】 d' Omah Yogyakarta

It's a truly resort, full of sophistication and grace.
Rooms are scattered in backyard, feeling like walking in hidden place on the path to your room.
There are swimming pools, spa, gym and petit library.
Even if you were here all day without anything special to do, it promises you a precious day.