Seeking something only for you.

Are you satisfied with ordinary trip?
If your answer was " No ", we present you secretly the sights and activities
which is not easy to get information but really worth to try.

【 Malang 】 Taman Safari Indonesia Ⅱ

In my impression, animals in zoo always look very sleepy or sad in their cages, limited space. But in Taman Safari IndonesiaⅡ, animals are not in cages anymore because you are in your cage, your car.

Pass through the gate, lively animals are just next to you. Lions are playing on grass, pelican is walking on a road with thoughtful face and zebras are coming to ask you for carrots. After Safari, more fun is there. Animal shows, swimming with dolphins, hugging baby orangutan and more.

Now hotel is under construction. Taman Safari IndonesiaⅡis evolving.