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【 Banyuwangi 】 Sukamade Beach

Sometimes we tend to think that the Earth belongs to only human. But you will know it's definitely wrong in Sukamade beach where turtle comes ashore to lay eggs.

At night, sitting on the beach to wait for turtles under the moonlight and stars while listening to wave, believing the luck to encounter turtle. In the morning, bringing baby turtles to the beach and get them released to the ocean, imagining they return here one day. Everything in Sukamade belongs to turtles. In daytime, taiking care of turtle eggs and baby turtles.

The best season for laying eggs is from October to March, but it is said that turtle comes here through a year. The road to Sukamade beach is a kind of challenge. A Jeep goes off-road ( sometimes more than off-road ), pass over a mountain and cross rivers. There are only 2 places to stay in Sukamade, the facilities of both places are very limited. Don't expect concrete road or hot shower or wifi or something needless for turtle, please. Yes, Sukamade beach is sanctuary of turtle.