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which is not easy to get information but really worth to try.

【 Banyuwangi 】 Blue Fire

Actually, Blue Fire is another face of Ijen Crater, special scene at night time.The blue color flame comes from sulfur. The sulfur at Ijen is high concentration, so that the blue is very vivid. This phenomenon has been known among the local people especially the miners of sulfur ore since long time ago, but not among tourists because of no trekking at night time. Now the trail is opened for everyone in 24 hours, Blue Fire is getting attentions from all over the world as an amazing sight.

In addition to tough trekking from car parking, Blue Fire requires you to climb down on steep slope into caldera for about 1 hour. It means 1 hour climbing up is required after seeing Blue Fire automatically. Long trekking in darkness sounds like a kind of training, but just keep walking step by step. Your next step leads you to dramatic moment.