Seeking something only for you.

Are you satisfied with ordinary trip?
If your answer was " No ", we present you secretly the sights and activities
which is not easy to get information but really worth to try.

【 Banyuwangi 】 Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater, called Kawah Ijen in Indonesian, is located in east edge of Java. There are 2 big volcanos nearby, Mt.Ijen itself is also active volcano. At 2,148 meters, there is a caldera lake. The color of the lake is turquoise just like a gem, and sulfur smoke blows up from the lake.

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【 Banyuwangi 】 Blue Fire

Actually, Blue Fire is another face of Ijen Crater, special scene at night time.The blue color flame comes from sulfur. The sulfur at Ijen is high concentration, so that the blue is very vivid.

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【 Banyuwangi 】 Sukamade Beach

Sometimes we tend to think that the Earth belongs to only human. But you will know it's definitely wrong in Sukamade beach where turtle comes ashore to lay eggs.

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【 Bromo 】

The sound of Bromo comes from Javanese pronunciation of “ Brahma “ which is the name of Hindu Creator. At one glance, everybody nods that Bromo is the deity’s fine creation. He put mountains inside and outside of caldera in superb balance.

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【 Malang 】 Taman Safari Indonesia Ⅱ

In my impression, animals in zoo always look very sleepy or sad in their cages, limited space. But in Taman Safari IndonesiaⅡ, animals are not in cages anymore because you are in your cage, your car.

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