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【 Borobudur 】 Waisak

The full moon day in May or June, called Waisak in Indonesian, it’s the day that Borobudur shines as a Buddhism holy place. Not only from all of Indonesia, but also from all of the world, the Buddhists come to gather, monks who wear saffron-colored robe walk from Mendut Temple to Borobudur Temple via Pawon Temple, then they chant in front of Borobudur Temple. After that, a thousand of lanterns are released to the sky.

1999 lanterns in 2017 released in Borobudur Park. Lit-up Borobudur Temple, blue moon light and the lanterns. No any words can express how fantastic it is.

During Waisak, the town are decorated with many flags, there are many stalls in the streets. Going around in the town in festival mood is one of the fun.

It is a perfect chance to witness the special face of Borobudur, only 1 night a year.

Waisak 2018 is 29th of May.