Seeking something only for you.

Are you satisfied with ordinary trip?
If your answer was " No ", we present you secretly the sights and activities
which is not easy to get information but really worth to try.

【 Solo 】 Triwindu Market

Welcome to the chaos. This is Triwindu Market, known as Antique Market. There are tons of small shops at the both sides of narrow corridors, veteran sellers are waiting for a customer quietly.

Strange ethnic masks, dull-lighted lamps, old postcards, porcelain-clad pots with rust, irons with charcoal, fade-colored baskets from Madura, Chinese vases with a couple hundred years history, tea cups from rich Dutch family, broken Russian air-conditioners. Is it a real antique or just replica? The trust is in the seller's heart.

As you imagine, the items don't have a price tag. You should pass through long psychological warfare against the sellers if you want to buy. Always with calm mind and porker face. Sometimes you can pretend to give up. This is a key of negotiation.

Is it a real antique or just replica? Things you can believe are only your eyes and sixth sense. So now, let's go to the chaos as a treasure hunter.