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【 Yogyakarta 】 Jomblang Cave

I think I have seen this scenary somewhere, maybe in a magazine or documentary program? It is just like a unreal world,  I just thought that there is at the deep underground and far away from me. But actually this impressive cave is in outskirts of Yogyakarta, named “ Jomblang cave ”. After 2 hours driving from Yogyakarta, you will be in this photogenic place.

Imagine that Jomblang cave is a huge monster who is lying in dense forest. He has many mouths and live by eating lights. You can come in his body by hanging rope and explore inside of him. Lights from his mouths are... any words can express how beautiful it is.

The most suitable time to go is from morning to noon. Because the lights from sky come down straight to his mouths, besides he is still in his dream.

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