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Are you satisfied with ordinary trip?
If your answer was " No ", we present you secretly the sights and activities
which is not easy to get information but really worth to try.

【 Borobudur 】 Village Cycling

How sweet the cycling in beautiful countryside is! Once you start pedaling your bicycle slowly in sunshine, green rice fields cure your eyes, fresh wind blows in your body. It seems to back to childhood.

There are some villages on the cycling route, you can drop by local producing places such as tofu factory, noodle factory, ceramic village, sugar maker, handcraft shop and house of local snacks which is made from local fresh ingredients. Through visiting the villages, you will see the life style in Java nature wealth and find simple wisdom which is blended with nature. The life style in villages sometimes looks like there is no change since long time ago. Yes, it could be so. Because there is no any reason to change here. Rice fields and the trees of fruits in front of you prove this. And nature wealth brought pure mind to the people and they made rich culture. Now you will know what made them choose this place for Borobudur Temple.

More photo of " Village Cycling " at Gallery.