With passion and respect.

Javanava Travelcafe was born in Borobudur by two Java lovers.

Even if it's a short trip, even if it's a long journey, the trip brings a story.
Even if it's a self-finding trip, even if it's a temporary escape from ordinary days,        
the trip becomes a treasure.
If Javanava Travelcafe can touch your trip as a designer of Java trip
or even just as a place for a cup of coffee, it will be our story and treasure.

An unforgettable trip to all of Java Travellers.

Nanang Sipon Prakoso

Born and bred in Borobudur. 
Love natural landscape and cultural diversity in Java. 
Worked in tourism and have a plenty of experiences as Java trip designer.

Tomo Nakatsuji

Traveller, coffee lover and bookworm.
Travelled in Asia mainly while working as tour planner in Japan for around 10 years.
Be in love with Java since first step in 2013.