A letter from Java.

When you think of the trip, what comes up in your mind first?
Spectacular world heritage. Mysterious ancient story. Mist in Jungle at dawn.
Color of the ocean at sunset. Magnificent mountains view. Peaceful sounds of insects and birds.
Relaxing moment by swimming pool. Breathtaking artwork in tradition. Sweetness of brilliant fruits.
Here in Java, everything simply exists.

Just listen to your heart and dive into Java. Into the land where is full of surprise and pureness.

Welcome to the chaos. This is Triwindu Market, known as Antique Market. There are tons of small shops at the both sides of narrow corridors, veteran sellers are waiting for a customer quietly.

Borobudur Temple has a long story. It seems to have a thousand of things to be told. But any perfect explanation would be faded in front of Borobudur Temple itself.

I think I have seen this scenary somewhere, maybe in a magazine or documentary program? It is just like a unreal world, I just thought that there is at the deep underground and far away from me. But actually this impressive cave is in outskirts of Yogyakarta, named “ Jomblang cave ”.

How sweet the cycling in beautiful countryside is! Once you start pedaling your bicycle slowly in sunshine, green rice fields cure your eyes, fresh wind blows in your body. It seems to back to childhood.

Excellent tour guide - Nanang and Gon Gon, very polite and cheerful people, our tour with 19 people and they manage to satified everyone, highly recommended!

Jess Tan, Malaysia (December 07, 2015)

Just came back from Yogyakarta, had a great trip there. Thanks Nanang for made it happen. He is a great tour guild and driver, who made my trip really pleasant and educational by his extensive experience and expertise. The recommendation of Goa Tomblang was also awesome. Thank a lot and totally recommended!也大力推荐给中国的同胞们哦。Nanang真的很靠普也很专业。

Haineng, Singapore (August 12, 2015)

Excellent tour guide service!! Both guides are awesome and provides you with all information and tips you need for travelling around Indonesia. Having a funny conversation you will know a lot of interesting things about Java. Totally recommended!

Llorenç, Spain, Barcelona (July 30, 2015)

第一次到印尼的旅行,我选择中爪哇,因为这里是爪哇文明的发源地,有婆罗浮屠和普兰巴南寺,还有世界第一活跃的默拉皮火山。迪昂高原也是值得一游的地方,贪心的我还去了南部海边。整个行程很美好,多亏我们遇到了Nanang,Nanang是非常细心而靠谱的向导,在当地的资源也非常丰富,给了我们很多有用的帮助,费用也非常合理,不过我的英文不行,很多听不懂,但是好在Nanang的英文比我好啊,想去中爪哇自由行的话,非常推荐Nanang。Best wishes for Nanang

Rui, China,Shanghai (May 14, 2015)

A very polite and thoughtful tour guide, providing us a lot of suggestions and complete services. Javanava Travelcafe was the best travel agent we met during the whole trip in Indonesia. The guide was very kind, thoughtful and gave us a lot advises, not only about the local but also about the whole country. Also showed us some extra places around, to let us know more about the locals and culturel.

Ming, China, Shandong (April 28, 2015)

I've just returned from a trip to jogjakarta (Indonesia) organized by Javanava Travelcafe. As I travel solo and have no time to arrange my trips, I asked Javanava Travelcafe to make all the necessary arrangement for me. Nanang, one of the founders of Javanava, helped me with my tour. Everything was meticulously arranged and very well organized, I visited mount Merapi, Borobudur temple, the set of Prambanan temples, as well as jogjakarta city with its majestic Kraton palace and its beautiful Malioboro street. I really thank Nanang for his help, he's a true careful person.

Walid HADDAD, France (April 20, 2015)

I visited end of 2013 and I really enjoyed the trip, it's natural, full of culture and people are nice and friendly, it feels totally different as Bali, and Nanang gave me a wonderful tour in Jogjakarta, I would love to go again and go mountain hiking and exploring new things, thank Nanang for the fatastic adventure, hope to see you soon!

Joanna Du, Singapore (April 16, 2015)

A couple of years ago we went on holiday in Java and met Nanang. A very smart and kind guy, with a lot of knowledge about his country. He did drive us around his country and told us some stories about his country. It was a very nice time and I remember that time often.

Juriaan, The Netherlands (April 06, 2015)

My wife and I recently returned from a 3 month journey around the world visiting six countries in Asia. Javanava Travelcafe made our arrangements and tours through Java, Indonesia. Nanang was extremely helpful in making sure that everything we saw and did was perfect. He truly cares about his clients and made sure that everything went smoothly. I have been traveling all over the world for 40+ years with many different guides and travel services. Nanang tried his very best to ensure life-long memories! --Jonathan Green (April 2, 2015)

Jonathan Green, USA (April 02, 2015)